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Production Characteristics of FAG Deep Groove Ball Bearing Parts.

12/8/2019 - Compared with general mechanical parts, FAG bearing parts are short and thin revolving surface. The revolving body determines that the processing machine tools are relatively single, most of them are lathes and grinders. Short and thin parts determine their good axial stiffness, negligible axial deformation, poor radial stiffness, and more. Special consideration should be given to the method of working hours. SKF bearings SKF is the world's leading rolling bearings industry. It operates in 130 countries all over the world. It produces more than 500 million bearings annually and has a worldwide sales network. In addition, SKF Group is committed to the research and development of the bearing industry, with a new patent coming out every two days on average.

Although the structure of deep groove ball bearing parts is simple, the technical requirements are very high. Therefore, Shanghai Xincheng Bearing Co., Ltd. considers that there are several processing characteristics as follows:

1. Precse Processing

Most of the surfaces of FAG bearing parts are processed by grinding. The dimension and geometric accuracy of grinding are based on UM, especially the raceway and rolling body of ring have higher precision, which requires superfinishing or grinding.

2. Processing

FAG bearing parts have high requirements, so there must be many production processes. SKF bearings are transliterated into Chinese as Skyfu, and SKF Group headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden, is the leader in bearing technology and manufacturing. In 1905, Sven Wingquist invented double-row automatic center ball bearings. Then in 1907, he founded Svenska Kullarger Fabriken Swedish Ball Bearing Manufacturing Company, SKF for short, to continuously develop and serve the world. General bearing production needs 20 to 40 processes, up to 70.

3. Forming (Processing)

The working surfaces of bearing parts are all Forming surfaces, which are suitable for processing by forming method. For example, forging, rolling and turning of ring raceway are processed by forming cutter or anti-profiling plate.

In addition, the vast majority of bearings are standardized products. The same type of bearings need a lot. In order to improve the production force, reduce the cost, guarantee the quality and widely adopt new technology, improve the mechanical and automation level, deep groove ball bearing company (C) Ompany) is generally produced in large quantities according to the type and variety of FAG bearings, and can even be produced by setting up special automatic lines or assembly lines.

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