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Failure manifestation of SKF Bearing.

09/7/2019 - There are many factors affecting the normal use of SKF bearings. Among them, the failure of closed shaft holes is one of the reasons that shorten the service life of bearings. Next, the main failure types and repair methods of closed shaft holes are analyzed in detail.

Types of Failure of Closed Axle Holes

1. Failure of Abrasive Particles and Adhesive Wear on Bearing Surface

Unlike the four main forms of bearing failure, this failure is mainly caused by abrasive wear and adhesion wear.

In bearings, the closed shaft bore has relative sliding friction with other parts. Under this sliding friction force, the metal surface between the contact surfaces will wear to a certain extent. With the increase of running time and speed, this kind of wear will continue to worsen. With the deepening of the wear of the closed shaft hole, the deformation of the closed shaft hole itself will occur. Consequently, SKF bearings will run abnormally.

It should also be noted that the wear forms caused by relative sliding friction include many, while adhesion wear and abrasive wear are only the two most common types.

2. Fatigue Wear Failure

This is the same as the general bearing failure form. For this type of failure, we can call it contact fatigue failure.

Contact fatigue failure is a long-term process, which is caused by long-term contact stress in the operation of bearing. Its formation process is that it exists in the deepest part of the contact surface in the early stage, and then gradually develops to the contact surface.

The most significant manifestation of this type of failure is that the metal peeling will form a dot or block on the surface of the closed shaft hole.

II. Repair Scheme of Closed Axle Hole

1. Before repairing the closed shaft hole, the wear condition of it should be checked first. The repair tools and methods are selected according to the wear depth of the shaft hole.

2. The worn surface of the closed shaft hole needs to be cleaned and then put into repair.

3. The wear-resistant repairing agent can be used to repair the worn surface of the shaft hole.

4. Skf bearings need to be positioned and cured after repair.

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