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Why SKF Bearings in Steam Turbine Units Vibrate.

24/6/2019 - In power plants, the SKF bearing, as one of the most important components of steam turbine, is often used in the use of vibration and other phenomena. So, what are the causes of vibration? How can we solve this problem?

I. Causes of Vibration Phenomenon

In fact, the causes of bearing vibration are various. In order to find out the causes of vibration quickly and effectively, the following analysis and judgment are needed.

1. Detection method: In order to detect whether there is vibration problem or vibration size of bearing, the most commonly used method is spectrum analysis. This method refers to the process of collecting and analyzing the vibration frequency of bearings, and then drawing a conclusion. In this process, the theoretical knowledge used mainly includes vibration theory and so on.

2. Vibration theory: In the use of bearings, the stiffness and exciting force of the supporting system are the two most influential factors on the vibration amplitude. Among them, the factors that cause the change of excitation force mainly include the large impact force and so on.

3. Summarize the causes of bearing vibration: first, wear, crack and deformation on the working surface of bearing components; second, poor lubrication condition in the bearing; third, excessive working load; fourth, the presence of foreign bodies such as iron chips in the bearing.

2. Solutions to Vibration Phenomenon

1. Carefully inspect the bearing components, including whether the bearing bush is fractured or worn. Once these defects occur, the repair method can be adopted when the situation is mild, and the bearing can only be replaced when the situation is serious.

2. To monitor the lubrication status of SKF bearings in real time, it is necessary to ensure the timely injection of lubricating oil.

3. Reduce the working load of steam turbine.

4. Do a good job of cleaning bearings, in addition to timely cleaning of foreign bodies inside the bearings, but also need to carry out pre-cleaning treatment.

5. In addition to the above four points, there is another point that we should pay special attention to, and it is easy to overlook. That is, when assembling the bearing after disassembly, we must control the various factors in the assembly.

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